We dreamed of making the perfect flip-flop...

As Californians and footwear industry veterans, who hold a deep love and respect for our storied coastline and magnificent ocean, we knew there had to be a better way.

Our global love for footwear comes at a cost resulting in a staggering amount of waste throughout manufacturing. FLEKS is dedicated to help clean it up.

Respect for our oceans.
Respect for our environment.
Respect for the makers.
Respect for our feet.

Motivated by a responsibility to improve the footwear industry, a passion for innovation, a focus on circularity, and the excitement to flex (or “fleks”!) on the status quo…we set out on a journey to build a better flip-flop and beyond.

The result is paradigm-shifting footwear that is wildly comfortable, delightfully cool, and sustainably made. 

Fleks is proudly made of up to 85% recycled material — and not just any material. We use top-quality, discarded virgin foam that is engineered and designed to go into performance athletic footwear, but often sadly ends up burned or in landfills. We also use 99% less water compared to traditional EVA manufacturing!

That’s better materials, a better process, a better product and hopefully a better world.

We’re not perfect, just better. And we’re committed to always improving.

Together, let’s flip the tide.

Future forward.