Flip the Tide

Better for the environment, better for the industry, and better for your feet.

Our Story

Seriously Sustainable

We knew a holistic reimagining of the flip-flop from concept to creation to disposal wouldn’t be easy - and we were right about that. In a world designed to reward the expedient over the ethical, we hit numerous barriers on our journey to a better way. But we kept going.

Through our relentless pursuit of innovation and ethical practices, we have developed a patented process that takes performance footwear manufacturing waste (recycled ETPU scraps, headed to the incinerator or the landfill) grinds it up and repurposes it all into a super comfortable, remarkably durable, proprietary FLEKSfoam. This process uses no solvents and A LOT less water than traditional manufacturing and it all happens at our very own company owned ethical factory. Seriously incredible.

The result is paradigm-shifting sandals and more that are comfortable, stylish, and made from up to 85 percent recycled material. We’ve even added sculpted footbeds that makes the final product better for your foot, too.

That’s better materials, a better process, and a better product contributing to a greener future.

Let’s Fleks... and make waves.


Environmental Fleks

Our mission is to revolutionize the footwear industry by providing the highest performance solutions fused with sustainable processes. We are dedicated to tackling environmental challenges caused by foam manufacturing and constantly working hard to create a greener, cleaner future. We’re not perfect, just better.


Recycled materials


Percentage of our packaging that is made from recycled materials and recyclable


Solvents used to make our FLEKSfoam


Tablespoons of water used to manufacture each pair

Sustainable Manufacturing Process